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Life Physically Enhanced with A Hair System

Anyone that has made the decision to get a hair system knows how the physical aspects can enhance your life

Let’s take a moment to discuss some of the mental aspects involved when deciding to wear a hair system …the good AND the not so good.

So you’ve got your new hair system, you have it installed, cut and styled. You could not be any happier. Then you step outside and this overwhelming sometimes crippling sense of self consciousness pops up.

You feel like, “They know, everyone knows”. You want to retreat and just become invisible.

Well that’s the exact mind set that you wanted to reverse with a hair system. So, what can you do to feel more comfortable and self assured with your new head of hair?

First, take all of the steps that you can control to ensure that your hair system looks as good as it possibly can on you.

Order your system in a color which closely matches the hair that you still have. If you are in need of full head coverage, other factors come into play. Reference old photos of yourself with hair and try to match that color as closely as possible.

ReHair has expert customer service representatives just a phone call, email or chat away. Make use of these individuals as they can assist you with color options among other important factors like size and coverage.

Next, find a skilled stylist .

Don’t rush this process. One bad cut can ruin a system. Remember this hair doesn’t grow back. Not finding the right stylist can be a very expensive learning experience.

Select an age appropriate density. Many system wearers feel self conscious about the thickness of the hair system. For example, An individual over age 50 will look more realistic with a lighter density.

Choose the proper curvature for your hairline. This is an important consideration in the aforementioned age appropriate selection. A slight widows peak looks much more authentic on a 60 year old than does a thick line of hair across the forehead.

Try these tips and suggestions. It’s very important that you present your best self with your new hair so that you can feel good about it and gain confidence.

Take charge of how you are perceived. Wear your hair system proudly, knowing that you’ve covered all of the bases in selection, care and styling. The self consciousness subsides once you’ve mastered the process .

The system will become a part of you and. Soon you will leave the house without a thought about your hair system and without having to be worried that someone might detect that you are wearing one.

Remember, this is something you do for yourself first. There will always be someone that will be able to tell that you are wearing a hair system. All you can do is make sure that you are wearing it well.

If you look uneasy and worried about wearing a hair system, you will attract uneasy interactions with people that you encounter.

Be happy, be confident, stand tall, and walk proudly. Your new hair looks great!




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5. Anyone that has made the decision to get a hair system knows how the physical aspects can enhance your life.

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