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0.02-0.03mm Full Poly Thin Skin Hair Systems For Men | Poly Skin Toupee

Note: 0.03mm,0.06mm hairpieces are based on NI Color Swatch which is a little bit red.

The most natural-looking hairline
  • Hair Length: 6''
  • Base Size: 8''x10''
  • Hair Style: Free Style
  • Hair Wave: Slight Wave
  • Hair Density:
    0.03mm density 90%;
    0.06mm density 100%;
    0.10mm density 110%-120%
  • Base Thickness: 0.03mm, 0.06mm, 0.10mm
  • Replacement Period: 1-6 Months
  • Hair Type: Indian Human Hair
  • Knots: No Knots All Over The Base
  • Base Type: Full Poly Thin Skin, V-looped throughout

Ultra-thin skin is the thinnest skin, which is very popular due to its invisible front and top appearance. It creates a super comfortable skintight feel on the head and you wouldn't notice it while wearing it. It is especially well-suited to short hair of 6 inches/a brushed back hairstyle.

This ultra-thin skin toupee is v-looped throughout and it has no knots. It is the most natural-looking stock hair systems. Natural and lift, this toupee can create a very realistic appearance for the wearing.

This ultra thin skin hairpieces only has an average lifespan of around one month but if you are after a high definition front hairline, this ultra realistic hair pieces are the best choice, regardless of its durability. If you expect a little longer lifespan, you can choose thicker skin hair system like 0.06mm and 0.08mm.

For this V-looped hair system, we don't recommend that you brush the hair when it is wet, especially after soaking in hot water. Since it is knotless such action may result in hair shedding.

If you need a custom hairpiece, please visit custom hair system page and complete the custom form, or contact our consultants online.
Our hair consultants will help you select the hair system that best fits your desired look and lifestyle.