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Travel Tips for Your Hair System

Traveling can make new hair wearers nervous. You may feel anxiety about how to manage the supplies you need, and how to attach your hair discreetly in an unfamiliar place.

It’s true that wearing a hair system requires a number of supplies and some extra care when packing. You will need most of the staples you need at home, but preparing ahead will help make traveling much less stressful. Below, we discuss some tips to help you prepare before you leave home and manage your hair while you're away.

Consider what would be most efficient

If you normally use liquid adhesive, consider tape for your trip, because tape is easier to pack and faster to apply. Liquid adhesive may leak, and if your brand is flammable, you may not be able to pack it at all.

For optimum efficiency, apply tape to your clean backup hair system and place it in a plastic storage bag. If your hair system is long, prepare the system before you put it in the bag. Put the bag into your luggage and it will be ready to attach when you are. After attachment, put your worn system in the bag and seal it; there’s no need to clean it before you get home. The seal will keep odors and adhesive residue safely away from your other belongings.

Only take what you need

For trips up to a few weeks long, you don't need full bottles of solvents or maintenance supplies. Put together a small travel kit so you have just enough of what you need. You might be able to cut down on bottles by forgoing knot sealer and/or scalp protector, and if you use the plastic bag tip above, you won't need to bring base-cleaning products. If you're concerned about privacy, transfer liquid products to small, unmarked travel bottles.

If you'll be away long enough for your system to require cleaning and reattachment, pack a few sheets of plastic wrap. You can apply it to any bathroom mirror and clean your base using the mirror slide method (without leaving adhesive residue on the mirror at your hotel or host's house).

Protect your hair while asleep

You don’t want to worry about your hair while you sleep, so don't forget to pack a hair-safe pillowcase. There’s no guarantee where you’re staying will have the silk or satin ones you need. Egyptian cotton works well too.

Pack a head covering

When traveling, it’s a good idea to pack a hat, cap, headband, or scarf. Besides protecting your hair from the elements, some sort of coverage will be helpful should circumstances cause your bond to unexpectedly loosen. If you’re not able to find the time or place to do a thorough cleaning and reattachment, you can throw on a hat and go.

How to handle airport scanners

We're always asked whether airport scanners can detect hair systems or clips. Truthfully, it depends on the situation. Clips don't usually set off standard scanners, but modern scanners may detect anomalies on your head. If this happens, most likely a TSA employee will discreetly pull you aside and ask you a couple questions. Try not to be anxious about the possibility of it happening, and don’t take it personally if it does.