8-18/22 Western European Genius Wefts

Color: #1
BALAYAGE 8-18/22
Looking to achieve long and luxurious locks? Look no further than our 100% cuticle intact human hair extensions. Our double drawn genius wefts offer straight texture and come in both full and half packs, with a weight of 100 grams per pack. Choose from a range of colors on our color ring to find your perfect match.

Our genius wefts set themselves apart with their top-notch quality. Made exclusively from the hair of one single donor, our 100% cuticle virgin hair ensures the finest quality on the market. No harsh chemical treatments are used in our process, meaning that our intact cuticles genius wefts will last 1-2 years.

Why choose genius wefts? Our product offers a multitude of advantages, including no short hair returns, the thinnest, flattest, and most lightweight texture available, and free cutting anywhere you choose. Access the same volume of hair as with longer wefts thanks to our shorter length. With unmatched quality and exceptional features, you won't find a better hair extension option than genius wefts.