Making the Commitment to Your Hair System

Congratulations on making the decision to take control of your hair loss and learn the skills you need to manage your own hair replacement! Your success is largely dependent on your steadfast commitment to mastering bonded hair replacement no matter what struggles you encounter along the way.

Hair replacement system is an ever-evolving journey; you are in this for the long term. With time, your skill level and confidence will continue to grow. Eventually it will all be less stressful and just a normal part of your life. The Learning Center covers everything you need to know, but our hair replacement consultants are always available for any questions you have along the way.

Inevitably, you will experience a gamut of emotions during your hair replacement journey. We encourage you to address emotional issues early to allow for a successful transition into wearing hair without any unnecessary negative thoughts hindering your progress.

Keep this in mind as you transition into hair replacement: no one is paying as much attention to your hair as you are.

When you initially begin wearing hair system, you’ll notice a shift from constantly inspecting your head for hair loss to inspecting it for visible signs of the hair system. You’ll continually check for lifting around the edge of the base, you’ll wonder if it looks realistic, and you’ll assume everyone knows you’re wearing hair. This is all normal; however, recognize that no matter how bad you think your hair looks, you scrutinize yourself more critically than anyone else will.

As humans, we connect emotionally to certain experiences just because we are used to them, even though they may make us feel bad. Ironically, what our brain has deemed safe is really just what is familiar to us, and far too often isn’t safe for us at all. This is how our brains trick us into believing that we’re not capable of something, or not good enough to fit in. Unfortunately, it keeps us from trying new things that are good and safe for us. It’s simply the effects of neurochemistry, and the great news is that we are fully capable of reversing it.

  1. Don’t assume everyone is staring at you, or that everyone knows you’re wearing hair. They aren’t and they don’t.
  2. Unless you’re having a major issue that isn’t concealable in some way (which is uncommon), no one will inspect your hair system or hairline the way you will.
  3. Don’t try to find problems with your hair system. If you’re preoccupied with your system, constantly inspecting and overanalyzing it in the mirror, take a deep breath and step away.

If you have extensive hair loss

When you transition from extensive hair loss to a full head of hair, people may notice the difference. However, think of it this way: you are doing this to have a noticeably better appearance. Realistically, transitioning from terrible loss to great hair will take some people by surprise; typically, it’s a short-lived experience that’s quickly forgotten. When hair replacement is done correctly, people forget you’re wearing hair because it looks real. You may be thinking about your hair system quite a lot, but others aren’t; it’s not as important to them as it is to you. However, be prepared for reactions and plan a way to deal with them comfortably.

Accept yourself first

If you’re struggling with your appearance, you need to accept yourself before looking for affirmation from others. When you respect yourself the way you are, you’re more likely to feel acceptance from your peers, instead of assuming they think you’re not good enough. Yes, this is easier said than done; but it can be done if you’re willing to work towards making conscious change.

Make the commitment

Commit to this from the start: make the decision to focus on mastering your hair replacement rather than dwelling on your hair loss.

To be successful with bonded hair replacement, it’s important to no longer fixate on your hair loss. If you don’t let go of your hair loss, you’ll focus your energy on the problem instead of the solution.

A large part of your commitment involves staying positive, assuming you will succeed, and not allowing yourself to dwell on the “what ifs.”

You have chosen to take charge of your own hair replacement. Commit to giving it your best effort — despite obstacles — until you are satisfied with your progress.