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Customer Story - Ashley

Hair loss began early for Ashley — as early as kindergarten. After several experiences of losing her hair, growing it back, then losing it again, she was ready to try hair replacement.

The problem was, Ashley found no easy solution to her hair loss. A company in New York wanted to transplant her hair. Ashlee was in her twenties, and while she wanted quality hair, it didn't appear that she could afford it.

"It cost about $2,700," Ashley says. "Yeah, ridiculous. One unit."

It wasn't until she learned about ReHair System that Ashlee found what she was looking for — quality hairpiece at an affordable price.

"Whatever I want, you'll make happen," Ashley says. "No matter what it takes, and I really like that."

Now, with her full cap hair system from ReHair System, Ashlee lives the life she wants. She rides roller coasters, snorkels and rides in speed boats, among handfuls of other adventures. And more important than anything else, she's comfortable in her own hair.

More About Ashley's Hair Replacement

Ashley has alopecia universal, so a full cap hair system is a must. She has a custom conventional top with ultra-fine Hollywood lace front, and wears it with a Light Bend Wave/Curl option. She also wore a system with a Light Movement