0.10-0.12mm Full Skin Base Men's Hairpieces | Men's Toupee for Thin Hair

Color: 1 Jet Black
1 Jet Black
1C Black
1B Off Black
1B10 Off Black/10 Percent Gray Hair
1B20 Off Black/20 Percent Gray Hair
1B30 Off Black/30 Percent Gray Hair
1B40 Off Black/40 Percent Gray Hair
1B50 Off Black/50 Percent Gray Hair
1B65 Off Black/65 Percent Gray Hair
2 Darkest Brown
3 Dark Brown
4 Medium Brown
5 Cool Toned Brown
6 Chestnut Brown
7 Lightest Brown
Full Skin Men's Toupee FEATURES
  • Hair Length: 6''
  • Hair Density: 110% -130%
  • Hair Style: Free Style
  • Hair Wave: Slight Wave
  • Toupee Base Thickness: 0.10-0.12mm
  • Toupee Base Size: 8''x10'', can be cut
  • Toupee Color: Most colors are available
  • Replacement Period: 3-6 Months
  • Hair Type: Indian Human Hair
  • Base Type: Full Skin,V-looped throughout
  • More durable; scalloped natural front hairline

This men's skin hairpiece unit has a base of poly skin all over with scalloped front. The thickness of the toupee base is around 0.12 mm. Compared to thin skin bases, it has a better shape and can last longer. We do V-loops all over the toupee base which creates a very natural appearance.

It is one of the most popular men's hairpieces models among salons because it is very durable and also can be cut and styled into any natural looking hairstyle.

For a skin base toupee, there are no knots at all, so it will look natural. One drawback for a skin base is that it is not so breathable.

For this V-looped hairpieces, we don't recommend that you brush the hair when it is wet, especially after soaking in hot water. Since it is knotless such action may result in hair shedding.