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Breathable Men's Toupee Full French Lace Base | Men's French Lace Hairpieces

Color: 1B30 Off Black/30 Percent Gray Hair
1B30 Off Black/30 Percent Gray Hair
1B10 Off Black/10 Percent Gray Hair
5 Cool Toned Brown
2 Darkest Brown
7 Lightest Brown
4 Medium Brown
1B Off Black
1B20 Off Black/20 Percent Gray Hair
6 Chestnut Brown
3 Dark Brown
1 Jet Black
1B40 Off Black/40 Percent Gray Hair
18 Dark Beige Blonde
Full French Lace Men's Toupee

Suitable for ACTIVE lifestyle or HUMID Climate


  • Hair Length: 6''
  • Hair Density: 105 Percent-130 Percent
  • Base Type: Full French Lace
  • Hair Wave: Slight Wave
  • Hair Type: Indian Human Hair
  • Hair Style: Free Style
  • Replacement Period: 4-6 Months
  • Bleached Knots: Yes for Front Hairline
It has a base made entirely of imported French lace/reinforced stitching lines to create a well-fitting shape. The French lace is soft, light, breathable but also strong and durable.

This French lace toupee is ventilated/single knots due to the lightness of the lace material which ultimately contributes to the natural look of this men's lace hairpiece.

All the knots in the front hairline are bleached (except i#1and #1C) to create an undetectable front hairline to look like your own hair is growing out from your scalp. If you sweat a lot or exercise regularly, it is your best choice.