Hair Replacement Systems: Natural High Definition Hairline

Often, the front hairline of a hair replacement system will make or break it: an obvious doll-like front hairline will be a certain giveaway that you’re wearing hair, but a natural-looking front hairline will likely go unnoticed… and that is what you want!

To ensure you have the most natural-looking system that will give you the look and the confidence you need, our ultra thin skin and lace hair replacement systems feature a natural-looking High Definition Hairline.

Transitional density, randomized at the hairline

Designed to replicate a naturally-growing front hairline the way nature intended, the ReHair High Definition Hairline features soft, fine hairs starting at the front edge of the system that subtly increase in thickness and density until it matches your full density. All this in the first few millimeters of your hair system! This transitional density hairline replicates nature.

Bleached knots disappear into your scalp

For lace bases, knots are put through a delicate bleaching process after being tied into the hair system base. This takes out most of the color and leaves a virtually invisible knot that appears to grow right from your scalp. There are no knots in ultra thin skin bases to worry about.

Please note: Color is not able to be fully removed on black or dark brown hair.

For best results, bond with adhesive

Finally, when pressed onto the scalp with liquid bonding adhesive, the base completely disappears. The result is a natural, invisible front hairline — even up close.