ReHair® Handheld LLLT Laser Comb Home Use

Power: 90-240V / 50HZ, 10W
Input voltage: DC15V, 0.4A
Rated power: 1W

Product size: 18*3.5*4.5cm

1. Accelerate scalp blood circulation and promote metabolism
Increase forehead  blood circulation portion of up to 20% -30%, the head portion up to 40% -60% of the results so the laser can help improve blood circulation, so. oxygen and nutrients can be sent to the hair follicles, to prevent hair loss effect.
2. Stimulate hair follicles, improve hair follicle immune system
Effectively stimulate the hair follicles, 83% can be in a state of hibernation for the active period of the hair follicle activation in order to reduce hair loss and make hair regeneration effect.
3. Regulate oil secretion, improve hair loss
Oil   excessive     secretion also causes hair loss, excessive secretion of oil will make the hair follicles shrink, or even wither and eventually lead to hair loss. this product line can reduce cortex, reduce and control oil secretion, improve hair loss.
4 Promote scalp health, improve the hair quality
When comb the hair follicle, the irradiation can accelerate hair growth and strengthen the hair itself, firmness, density and elasticity of the hair, glossy black hair.