Ultra Hold Hair System Bonding Adhesive Glue For Hairpiece Wigs

Ultra Hold is the leading adhesive for hair systems in the industry. It is renowned for its long hold time, allowing you to extend the duration between reapplications. This adhesive is also waterproof, enabling you to confidently engage in activities like swimming and showering without any concerns. 

After cleaning your scalp, utilize a brush to apply one or two layers of a thin and even coat of Ultra Hold glue. Once it has dried and become tacky, you can proceed to apply the hair system.

Ingredients: Isopropanol, Ethyl Acetate, Heptane, Toluene

Cautions: Ensure that the cap is tightly closed. Refrain from inhaling the fumes. Store the product below 90°F and perform a patch test on a small area before applying. Keep it out of reach of children and limit usage to external purposes only. Avoid contact with the eyes.