Template/Hair Sample/Old Unit Pickup Service

For custom order, pre-cut or color matching

Whether you want us to replicate your old hair system, or copy your template for the base size and head curvature, or you want a color match, you can send these to us and we will process accordingly. We can keep these on file for your future orders or send them back to you.

  • 1. You will receive an email with a shipping label after you purchase this service;
  • 2. Then please print out this shipping label;
  • 3. Prepare your template/hair sample/old unit and put them in a padded envelope.
  • 4. Please contact FedEx to schedule a pickup time, or drop it off at FedEx
  • 5. After we receive it, our experts will check everything included and then we'll contact you via email or WhatsApp to discuss the details of your custom order.
  • 6. After all the details are confirmed, we will send you a payment link for the custom order. Then we will start your order immediately upon receipt of payment.