Spedizione gratuita in tutto il mondo per ordini superiori a $ 145 + spedizione immediata su tutti i sistemi di capelli in stock

Ex clienti Hair Direct?


Spedizione immediata per unità di magazzino

L'ordine di toupee su misura richiede circa 30-45 giorni

Processo di ordinazione per nuovi clienti

1. Are you new to Hair Systems?
  • A. Yes, I know nothing about hair systems. (skip to 2)
  • B. No, I am just new to Rehair System. (skip to 2)
2. Do you want a stock unit or a custom one?
  • A. I have no idea. (skip to 3)
  • B. I want a stock unit. (skip to 3)
  • C. I want a custom unit. (skip to 4)
3. Do we have a stock unit that can meet your needs?
  • A. None of them can meet my needs. (skip to 6)
  • B. I find one that probably fits me. (skip to 4)
4. Do you need the pre-cut service?
  • A. Yes, I need my hair to be pre-cut and pre-styled. (skip to 5)
  • B. No, my barber/I will take care of this.(skip to 11)
5. How you would like to submit the pre-cut info?
  • A. I will add a note with pics when I place my order. (skip to 10)
  • B. I will email/ WhatsApp you my specs and pics regarding hairstyle. (skip to 10)  WhatsApp +8618363906949 / Email: support@rehairsystem.com

6. Are you OK with the 30-45 days production time for a custom order?

  • A. Yes, I’m totally fine. (skip to 7) 
  • B. No, I can’t wait that long. (skip to 8)

7. Do you have anything that can be sent to us to copy?

  • A.Yes,
    I can send you my old unit to duplicate. (skip to 8)
    I can send you my template and hair sample for reference. (skip to 8)

8. Please contact us via WhatsApp +86 18363906949 or
Email: support@rehairsystem.com for a shipping address and details or rush order services.

9. We will provide a quote and send you an invoice with all the finalized custom details after receive it.

10. We will proceed with your order accordingly.

11. No problem! We will ship your order out ASAP.