ReHair® Laser Hair Growth Cap | Laser Cap for Hair Loss

  • ReHair® Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) laser cap is a portable and hands-free hair regrowth product for men and women, designed to deliver laser therapy to the scalp in a convenient and discreet way.


    • Number of Laser Diodes:     88/160/272     NO LEDS
    • Power Per Laser:            5mW
    • Total Power Output:          1360 mW
    • Laser Wavelength:           650nm
    • Pulse Frequency:             4.5Hz
    • AC Adapter
    • Output Voltage:               5V
    • Output Current:               2500mA

    If you’re determined to keep your hair, you have a stable source of income, realistic expectations, and you think you’ll be diligent enough to stick with the treatment, then laser cap therapy could definitely be worth adding to your treatment program.

    ▼ Portable, Hands-Free, and Easy to Use

    ▼ 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    ▼ Discreet Use

    ▼ FDA cleared tech, the most affordable hair growth cap

    ◇ Minimize shedding

    ◇ Activates hair follicles

    ◇ Reverses hair thinning

    ◇ Stimulates hair growth

    ◇ Revitalizes damaged hair

    ◇ Increases density & fullness

    ◇ Optimize hair growth cycle

    ◇ Improve overall hair quality, condition