Hair System Tips for Traveling or Other Away from Home Activities

Let’s Take this Show on the Road.

So, it’s summer time, you’re at the office and the air conditioning is out. Or you’re at the gym working out hard. You could even be in class heavily perspiring due to a stressful exam you’re taking. Sweat is pouring down your forehead and then the unthinkable happens. You guessed it, your hair system starts to lift. The adhesive has liquified and has started to slide down your forehead. The one time you decide to wait one more day to do your remove/reinstall or your hairline touch up. What do you do now?

Luckily you can prepare for this situation.  Get yourself a small travel bag. In it, place a travel size spray bottle filled with alcohol, a small pump spray bottle of citrus adhesive remover (like C-22) some cotton rounds, a washcloth, a comb and/or brush, some adhesive  tapes (Tapes are fast. Just in case you don’t have time to apply adhesive and wait for it to dry) and  maybe a small mirror. Some dollar stores offer a great round mirror with both standard and magnifying mirrors. They can fit in your hand or use the attached stand. This will act as your emergency kit.  Keep it in your desk drawer, gym bag or backpack,  and  you will be ready should a mishap occur. This kit works well for travel too.

A week away from home and your hair system supplies could prove very harrowing. You can include liquid adhesive and an applicator of choice if traveling by road. If flying, make sure to confirm allowed ounces of liquid you can take onto the plane guidelines. You don’t want an expensive bottle of adhesive going into the trash because the ounce limit is 2oz and your adhesive is 2.5oz. This may not be an issue with checked bags, but to be safe, you should still research the situation.

Stay prepared, Be ready. Happy travels!

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