Lace Hair Systems - Breathable

The Lace hair system is perfect for a hot, humid climate and for those who have a very active lifestyle. Knots are well bleached at the front of the base to offer the most undetectable appearance. In addition to being lightweight, breathable, and very soft, full lace hair replacement systems are about as natural looking as you're going to get. People around you are unable to tell if you're even wearing a hair replacement system. “Lace” is a finely-knit piece of mesh fabric. It uses fine multifilament synthetic thread, onto which hair is hand-tied. Lace is naturally breathable with plenty of airflows, and allows for easy rinsing of your scalp while wearing the system. They are lightweight, comfortable and very soft making them a popular option for those looking at non-surgical hair replacement systems. However, the lace material can be delicate so it doesn't carry as much density or durability compared to other options available on market today. There are two main lace base types in the market: French lace and Swiss Lace. Most of our lace base hair systems use French Lace which provides great shelf life due to its tough material nature but is a bit less natural compared to Swiss Lace. A French lace base hair system is an advantage over other hair systems on the market because of its undetectability. French lace is a very thin and delicate material that is almost invisible when applied to the scalp. This makes it an ideal option for those who are looking for a natural-looking hairline. Additionally, the material is breathable and comfortable to wear, making it a good choice for those with sensitive skin. French lace base hair systems can be more expensive than other types of hair systems, but they provide a natural look that is worth the investment.