Custom Hair Replacement Systems For Men

Front Contour Shape 
Hair Direction

2. TOP
7,8. SIDES

How to make a template 
1. Place the plastic wrap over the bald area of your head, and secure it in place
2. Mark the front hairline: normally four fingers width from your eyebrow
3. Draw the outline of the bald area
Mark F for the front
Mark B for back
Mark crown and hair direction.
4. Apply a layer of tape from side to side
5. Apply another layer of tape from front to back
6. Press it to make it in shape and cut excess tape or wrap
8. Cut off a strand of hair sample and attach it to the template

You can't go wrong with our incredible men's hairpieces. We have premium quality hairpieces that are perfect for any occasion and look stunning on your head! Each one has an artistically designed front lace, which provides the most natural-looking effect imaginable while also making sure they last longer. Thanks to its durable material construction - no more worrying about losing or damaging strands during daily activities like brushing teeth or getting dressed each morning.

There are three ways we can gather the information we need to customize your system: submit a request for a quote form on this page, or send us a hair system to duplicate, alternatively, you can submit an order form if you prefer that way. We'll get back to you with the price once we receive your quote request.

If you are a new wearer we advise you to take full advantage of our hair system guide. Feel free to contact our consultants via online chat, email, or WhatsApp consultation for more help.

Custom and Ready-to-Wear Hair Systems Comparison

Custom Hair Systems



Common specifications

Custom-fit to your head, any shape

Limited sizes

Choice of densities

Limit density available

Choice of hair length

6-inch hair length

Choice of curl and wave

Limit wave pattern available

Custom hair colors, blends, and highlights

Limited colors, some/gray blend

Cut, styling, and blending are included in cost

Additional cost for cut, styling, and blending