Base Guide- Rehair Skin Base

Rehair Skin is an ultra-thin “skin” hair system base available in various thicknesses. “Skin” is the industry term for a solid-surface polyurethane hair system base material. There are different thicknesses of skin material, but at its lightest, it’s only about as thick as a contact lens. It covers a person’s scalp to create a faux scalp with hair growing out of it.


Made with a solid-surface ultra-thin polyurethane, this latex-free base material is non-porous. Generally speaking, it is not as breathable as a lace or monofilament hair system. However, it’s light enough to be comfortable in hot conditions, and works well for partial systems. It’s not available in three-quarter or full cap, due to the construction style of the base. Hair is injected into the base material, not tied, so there are no knots to be worried about. It provides the most natural front and top appearance. It’s designed with a natural-looking high definition hairline. It’s our most natural-looking base material and is recommended for short hairstyles with lighter densities and exposed hairlines. There is a hair length limitation of six inches due to the delicate nature of these bases.

The major difference between the various thicknesses is not profile or detectability, but the amount of hair density it can accommodate. Rehair Ultra-thin Skin 0.03 holds the lightest density of all the skin bases.

Thin skin bases work best for those with no growing front hairline. If you need to place the system behind your growing front hairline, we recommend a lace base.

Please note: Hairpiece tape cannot be used with this base, because the tape can’t be removed and will create a visible profile along the edge of the system. You must use liquid adhesive with this base. Also, Rehair Skin systems are designed for extended wear. For those considering a daily attachment with strong hair gel or other method, please understand this base material is extremely delicate and easily damaged by repeated removals. Clips cannot be used with this base.

Rehair Ultra-thin Skin 0.03

The Rehair Ultra-thin Skin 0.03 is our thinnest and least detectable base. It provides the most natural appearance and is specifically designed for extra-light to medium-light densities, making it more suitable for men’s hairstyles. It ranks high in comfort and is meant to be replaced monthly. Due to its delicate nature, we recommend you do not expect it (or any of the skin bases) to last longer.

Base Material
Full ultra-thin polyurethane, 0.02-0.03mm
Life Span
Extended wear: 1-2 months
Daily wear: Not designed for daily wear
High Definition Front Hairline
Front Hairline Appearance
Ventilation Type
V-looped; no knots
Detectability to touch
Very low or none
Maximum Density
Size Limitation
Partial cap
Maximum Hair Length
6 inches
Curl Limitation
No tight curl ( < 25mm) or Afro