Blending Colors for the Most Natural Look

When designing your hair system, blending multiple hair colors will help you achieve a natural appearance.

Most likely, your growing hair consists of various shades which seamlessly blend together to create your unique hair color. Match the dominant color of your growing hair as a starting point (base color) then choose a percentage of one or more colors to incorporate into your system. If you have no growing hair, you will choose a base hair color that appeals to you. The combination of chosen colors should add up to 100 percent, with your dominant color at the highest percentage.

If you look closely, human hair is not typically one solid color throughout. The shade of most people's hair varies, and this is more or less evident depending on lighting conditions. When you blend two or more colors in your hair system, you mimic the natural variations in your growing hair for a more realistic appearance.

Blend at least two colors for a natural look

To create variation, choose at least two colors to blend. To find your base color, match your growing hair to a swatch on the color ring we send you. Be sure to use our color ring because not all companies use the same one. Once you find your base color, look for a complimentary color within a few shades. For example, if your base color is a number four (4) on the color ring, using number three (3) or six (6) will create a very natural blend. Avoid choosing colors that are significantly lighter or a different tone (warm versus cool). If your base color is a warm brown, adding a cool, light blond may create a muddled, gray tone.

How to determine percentages

Shades and color percentages vary between the different zones in your hair system.

For most people, color is lightest around the hairline and gradually darkens as you move back towards the nape. The shade most closely matching your growing hair in each zone — front, temple, top, sides, crown and back — should be the dominant color, or highest percentage, in that area.

Keep it simple

Don’t feel as though your color blend needs to be complex to look natural. A simple combination of two or three colors is enough to provide a realistic and accurate match of your growing hair.