Removing Hairs That Pull Through Lace Hair Systems

As a hair wearer, at some point you’ll have to address hairs that inadvertently pull through to the wrong side of a lace hair system. Usually they look like loops on the underside of the base. Pull-throughs can result from submerging the base in any type of liquid, rinsing the base with the hair-side up, or removing tape without Lace Release, and it can even occur during standard cleaning.

Unfortunately, pull-throughs need to be cut off, because there’s no way to pull them back though to the correct side of the base. When it’s just a few hairs, you can easily snip them off with scissors. You may leave the hairs as they are if you’d like; however, it’s likely you’ll experience some itching as a result. If you have further questions about addressing pull-throughs, we’re happy to help.


  • Your dry hair system
  • Hair scissors
  • Styrofoam head with T-pins and mount

Step 1: Secure your hair system

With the underside of the base facing up, use T-pins to secure your system to a Styrofoam head.

Step 2: Clip the hairs

While hovering about 1/4 inch above the base, carefully clip the hairs off. Any short pieces of hair still poking up through the lace will fall out when you comb the hair system.

Step 3: Comb the hair

When you’re finished clipping, remove the system from the Styrofoam head. Comb through the hair, and the cut pieces will fall out.