The Emotional Roller Coaster: What to Expect from a Hair System

Hair replacement is a very emotionally-charged experience. Feelings of fear, doubt, eagerness, anxiety and joy are all normal! Though thousands of people experience similar feelings, your journey into wearing hair is an experience unique to you. Following are significant points of transition the majority of people face during their journey into hair replacement.

Wearing hair isn’t usually something you decide to do overnight. It’s likely you’ve been experiencing hair loss for quite some time, and have spent months or years thinking about possible solutions. Bonded hair replacement is a long-term commitment, and we know it can be scary. Even if you're thinking about a non-bonded, clip-on hair system, it brings its own set of concerns, like, “Will it look natural? Will people notice?” If you’re like most people, you’ve probably spent a great deal of time talking yourself in or out of wearing hair, and have toggled back and forth during your decision-making process.

When you’ve never worn hair, the unknown can be very scary. But know that if you want to do it, you can do it! We are here to offer support and all the resources you need to be successful. Many others just like you have mastered their own hair replacement, happily leaving hair loss in the past.

Instead of dwelling on what you will lose, think about what you will gain.

How will your life become better if you can improve your hair and feel more confident about your appearance?

Placing the first order

This step is a big deal, because it’s the physical manifestation of your commitment. Undoubtedly, there’s a lot you're wondering about: you’re not sure which company to purchase from, you’re afraid you might do it wrong, how do you figure out the correct specifications, and which products do you choose? These thoughts are all normal.

The accompanying educational content on our website, are designed to ease you into your first order. Our hair replacement consultants will personally support you through the process and do all the heavy lifting, so you can relax.

Receiving your first order and shaving your head for the first time

Receiving your first hair system is exciting. But be prepared for the possibility of other emotions resurfacing, like doubt and fear. This happens when you’re physically holding the system in your hands, because the experience becomes very “real.” Hair that is not yet attached to your head can seem foreign; you might think there is no way it will look good on your head. It’s in a box, and not styled. This isn’t something you’re used to yet, but over time you’ll learn to trust that it will work for you.

It’s very normal to have fears around the permanence of shaving your head (if you’re bonding), doing it right, wearing your hair in public (for men or women), and trusting the strength of the bond. Remember why you’ve chosen to do this. Think about the difficulty and unhappiness your hair loss has caused, and how wonderful and liberating it is to have a solution!

Two weeks after your begin wearing hair

After a couple weeks pass by, you’ll notice a shift from fear and social discomfort to the first stage of acclimation and gratefulness. You’ll become more comfortable living in your hair, and you’ll begin to trust that the bond will hold. This creates a sense of security that your hair will stay on your head, which allows you to feel more confident.

After three months

At this point, you've gained some experience, and processes feel more familiar. Your hair system will start to feel like a part of you, rather than a foreign object sitting on your head. Around this time, hair wearers sometimes begin experimenting with simplifying their cleaning and bonding methods, and may even begin to tweak order specifications to perfect their look.

Consistent practice, persistence, and experimentation always result in better, easier, and faster results, a more natural look, and quicker acclimation.

After one year

After a year has passed, you’ll be pretty well set in your routine and will have likely settled on the maintenance methods you prefer. However, like most people, you’re apt to continue to experiment to perfect those methods.

Social situations will feel much more comfortable than a year ago, and you’ll be less concerned about whether or not people are looking at your hair. Hair replacement has become part of your life, and you feel grateful for it. Most of your fears, doubts, and resentment about your hair loss will be slowly disappearing.

Beyond one year

You’re now an experienced hair wearer! Your skills have grown, and you’re confident about your routine and methods. Hair replacement is a normal part of your life. You’ll find yourself accepting it more and more, especially as you disclose this intimate part of your life with those to whom you feel closest.

We’re here to help

Even skilled and well-seasoned hair wearers run into problems every now and then. Your body chemistry may change, causing your regular adhesive to stop meeting your hold standards. Your hair loss may progress, and you might want to try a different type of system or base material. Or maybe you’ll find it’s time to add some gray to your hair system.

No matter what the concern, we are available and happy to help or lend support at any point during your hair replacement journey. Don’t hesitate to contact us!