New to Hair System

A hair system can and will look natural if it is properly designed and maintained. There are many variables that affect achieving a natural appearance when creating your hair system. Once you provide the information requested, we’ll meet with you via phone or chat or email to design a natural-looking hair system that meets your style requests and lifestyle needs. We’ll discuss base design, density, color, hairstyle, your options for attachment methods, and many other applicable variables before we order your hair system.

All our hair systems are crafted using purely authentic human hair, guaranteeing quality. However, our grey hair options are made using synthetic fiber.

There are no contracts to sign. We don’t believe in locking you into anything, nor do we feel the need to do so. We do have a subscription plan if you are interested which provides you with a generous discount on each system if you intend — not commit — to buy a certain amount of systems per year. In addition, your order will be placed on an automatic schedule throughout the year, so you don’t have to worry about reordering hair. Contact our consultants for more information.

Base size : width x length
Toupees have sizes of 6x8, 7x8, 7x9, 8x10 and other sizes. So you need to confirm the length and width of your hair loss area.

First, find your front hairline.
Normally it is four fingers width away from your eyebrow.

Please place your 4 fingers onto your forehead and one side lines up with your eyebrow and the other side should be where your front hairline begins.

Second, confirm the length
Measure from your front hairline to where your hair loss stops at the back of your head.

Third, confirm the width
Measure the widest area of your hair loss area from one side to the other.

It mainly depends on which base you choose as different bases have different lifespans. Our ultra-thin skin base (0.02-0.04mm) has a lifespan of about 1-2 months while our mono base hair system can last up to a year with the correct care.

Besides this, the frequency you wear it and the way how you care and maintain your hair system also affects its lifespan.

Full lace hair systems are the most breathable and perfect for a humid/hot climate and for those who have a very active lifestyle.

We also have combined bases of lace and skin which are also breathable and easy to apply and remove. We recommend you to remove the hair system and do a thorough clean once a week if you sweat a lot every day.

If bonded correctly, all our hair systems provide you with a secure attachment. If you care for your hair system properly (by removing, cleaning and re-bonding every 2-4 weeks), it will stay securely.

If you are looking for the strongest attachment, many of our clients have best experience with the full skin base. You need to apply liquid adhesive all over the scalp before wearing a full skin base hair system, which guarantees the most secure fit.

Maybe. It’s basically the trapped moisture that causes it. And it also depends on your skin type and how sensitive it is. If it bothers you, you'd better try a full lace hair system or at least a piece with a mesh inset so that any moisture can escape and shower water can get in to your scalp.

Definitely YES. You can probably do anything with it. However, chlorine in pools can be harmful to the hair and make the hair drier. So, we recommend you deep condition the hair after you go swimming to help refresh the hair.

Sometimes, things don’t go exactly as planned. A backup hair replacement system is like an insurance policy: it gives you peace of mind. When something goes wrong, panic strikes, and you’re left with either an old, undesirable hair system, or no hair system at all. You’re forced to place a hair order right away and wait weeks or months for it to arrive. Plan ahead and always be prepared.

The durability of a hair system depends on many factors, including the base material, the method of attachment, and the way you care for the hair itself. Hair systems are essentially disposable, and meant to be replaced as they age — preferably before the aging is noticeable. In general, the more durable the base material used in the hair system, the more detectable it is to touch and sight because the material needs to be heavier to last. The converse is also true: the more delicate the base is, the less detectable it is. And as you would expect, a delicate base deteriorates faster and needs to be replaced more often. Your consultant will discuss what your priorities are and help you decide on a base material that meets your needs.

It will not damage your scalp or existing hair, provided the hair system is kept clean and maintained correctly. The hair system may actually provides protection to a certain extent against the sun and will protect sensitive scalps from the elements.

Hair System Attachment

ProYour attachment method depends on your level of hair loss, whether you need to or are willing to shave your head, and your body chemistry, among other variables, such as skin sensitivity and how long you’d like your attachment to last. In your consultation, we’ll determine if you intend to clip your system to grow hair or to shave and bond. If bonding, you might need to try a few different adhesives to learn what works best for you, so we’ll discuss your options and make recommendations based on your unique needs if you are not familiar with them.vide the answer to the question here.

You can choose either go to a nearby barber shop let the hair stylist do it for you or you can do it at home, attach the hair system with either hairpiece tape or hairpiece adhesive depending on your preferences or climate.

Preparing: removing any oils and impurities from scalp and shaving the area on top of your head to create a smooth surface where will apply the toupee. Apply scalp protector to prevent skin irritation or damage

Applying the adhesive/tape: the glue or tape needs to be applied to your scalp, or on the hair system.

Positioning hair system: starting by gently sticking the tip of the system in the center of the forehead, slowly continue sticking the system in a gradual rolling back movement, making sure that it’s even on each sides, until it comes sit nicely all the way to the back, covering the whole shaved area. Then wait for styling.

Without leaving your house, you can order a custom-made hair replacement system from us. Plus, you can learn how to fit, attach, and maintain your own hair system right here on our website. We will cut, blend, and style your hair system at no charge before shipping it to you. However, if you prefer to visit a local salon you can look up Hair Replacement Services near you

We’ve spent more than 10 years perfecting our cutting and blending technique so it integrates with your growing hair without you needing to be present. You’ll provide us with a photo of the style you wish to achieve (via email, link, or from our hairstyle gallery), and we’ll discuss what hair lengths would be needed to achieve it and how we can blend it into your growing hair, if necessary. We’ll also discuss what steps you may need to follow to achieve that style, such as products that may be needed to bring the look together after your hair system is attached.

If you supply a hair sample, we will try to match it. Ultimately, we leave it up to experts at the production facility to make the final decision regarding the best type of hair for certain scenarios, such as what will best hold the color and curl ordered.

If your hair is exposed to water frequently, you are strongly recommended to use water-proof tape or adhesives. It is proved that acrylic adhesives (Ultra Hold) or a Blue Liner Lace tape functions very well for secure attachment.

Custom Hair System

Yes, we do. We offer a convenient individual service to create the most suitable hair system based on your specific needs. You can choose the hair color, texture, density, base type/construction, base size, base shape and hair direction of your hair system to make a perfect match. Vist Custom Hairpieces for more information.

A custom hair system is tailored to fit your unique hair loss pattern and head shape. In contrast, ready-to-wear (or “stock”) hair systems are available in common shapes and sizes, but are not made custom to your specifications. Our custom systems are made to blend into your naturally growing hair to look like the hair is growing right out of your scalp. We can use human hair, synthetic hair, or a blend of the two, and can match any hairstyle you want.

For custom orders your total hair system price depends on the size of your hair system base and the various features you select. We offer special design features at additional cost, such as hair lengths longer than 6 inches and high density. In most cases the price is around $250-$300

It’s very efficient and effective for us to work with you remotely to design a custom-designed hair system, as we do with dozens of people from all around the world every day. Our hair system order guide includes all the instructions you need to get us the correct measurements, color, and hairstyle choices. Ask any questions, and work out all the details before your order is placed.

Production time takes 3–4 weeks, depending on the complexity of your individual order.

If it has been at least 3 weeks since your order was placed, you can track the progress of your new hair system by contact one of our hair replacement consultants and they will give you a more specific ship date.

Yes and it depends. Contact your hair system consultant for more info.


Whether or not you shave the hair under your hair system depends on the attachment method you choose and how natural you want/need the system to look.

Your custom-made hair system is uniquely designed to fit your head and is handmade with the most contemporary materials to achieve the best realism. If you choose to bond your system to your scalp using hair system tape or liquid adhesive, you will have to shave any existing hair where the hair system will be bonded to your head. Without shaving, your growing hair will prevent the system from adhering flat against your head, and therefore will not fit properly or look natural. Trying to bond with tape or liquid adhesive over existing hair can damage your growing hair, prevent a strong bond, and limit the type of base you can wear, among other issues. When adhesive breaks down, it will leave a gooey mess throughout your growing hair that is difficult to get out.

In most cases, shaving hair that is already very thin and sporadic makes the process of wearing a system much easier and more realistic-looking. However, if you don’t have extensive hair loss, or want to remove your hair system daily, you might consider a clip-on hair system.

We encourage you to use sulfate-free products. Sulfates strip the hair of oils and can cause dryness and tangling, as well as fade the hair color quicker.

Your growing hair is nourished with natural oils called sebum. If you are prone to oily hair, you need to wash it frequently. However, a hair system does not get regular exposure to oils, and in fact, the hair can tend to be dry because of the processing it goes through. For this reason, you only need to shampoo the hair system once or twice a week. Shampooing strips the hair of dirt and oils, so overwashing a hair system can actually damage the hair and cause it to dry out, break off, and tangle. That said, conditioning your system helps hydrate and strengthen the hair, keeping it healthy and softer longer. We recommend using a leave-in conditioner every day and using a rinse-out conditioner whenever you shampoo your hair.

The total time of bonding depends on factors like the adhesive used, your skin type, the climate, and your lifestyle. We recommend you only remove it and get it cleaned every 1-2 weeks to extend the lifespan of the hair system. If you don’t sweat a lot and live in a dry climate, you can leave it on for longer time, about 3-4 weeks.

If you attach a lace hair system with liquid adhesive, we don’t recommend you to wear it for more than two weeks in a row. If you wear it for too long time, the adhesive will penetrate through the lace which makes it very difficult to clean.

How long you can wear a bonded hair system before removing and cleaning it will depend on the attachment method and adhesive you choose, how your body reacts to the adhesive, and how much hold time you’re hoping to get. Ultimately, each person experiences a different hold time; there are a few different reasons for that. Everybody’s body chemistry is different and breaks down the adhesive differently.

The term “body chemistry” refers to variables like scalp oil, perspiration, and hormones. For example, someone with an active lifestyle may have a shorter hold time, because the salts, oils, and bacteria released during perspiration cause the adhesive to break down faster than someone who has a sedentary lifestyle. Similarly, those with oily skin typically need to remove their systems more frequently, because scalp oils break down the bond faster. In general, most people wear their hair systems for a week or two before removing, cleaning, and reattaching.

1.Tape and glue adhesive are used to keep your toupee in the right place. Both of them offer long-lasting bonding, so you should use remover products to take it off and protect your scalp from damage.

2. Apply the remover to the areas where adhesives are. Let it stay for about 1-2 minutes and allow the bond to loosen. Then use your fingers to take the hairpiece and tape out off your scalp.


ReHair System offers a wholesale program for retail stores and salons. To receive a discount on bulk accessory product orders please contact us.

We have a 30-day return policy on our hair systems and products. This means once you receive your hair system, you have ample time to inspect it before deciding if it’s right. As long as you return the system to us within 30 days, we’ll either remake it to your request or refund your money if you completely change your mind. You can send hair systems back to us for a refund (less 15% restocking charges) or you can choose to have the system remade. It makes placing an order much less stressful. Please note this only apply to stock hairpieces, not custom hairpieces.