Spedizione gratuita in tutto il mondo per ordini superiori a $ 145 + spedizione immediata su tutti i sistemi di capelli in stock

Ex clienti Hair Direct?


Spedizione immediata per unità di magazzino

L'ordine di toupee su misura richiede circa 30-45 giorni

Riparazione di capelli

Kindly please note that only after receiving and checking your old unit, can we confirm the cost and the time frame.

Please contact us via WhatsApp +86 18363906949 or Email support@rehairsystem.com for repairing.

  • Fix the broken base
  • Fill up more hair overall
  • Add more grey hair overall
  • Fill up more hair in bald area
  • Add a lace front
  • Expand or down size the base
  • Take off extra hair to less the density
  • Fix a bad cutting by adding longer hair

Below are what we recommend you to double-check before sending a old unit, as your unit might not be worth repairing anymore

1. Major broken on the cap base
2. This unit been used for more than one year
3. This hairpiece been repaired more than one time
4. More than 30% of the overall density loss or more than 30% of the area bald now

While repair prolongs the lifespan of hair systems, it is just a short-term solution. The only long-term solution is to buy a new hair system.