Is a Custom Hair System Right for You?

There are a variety of reasons people consider hair replacement. Each situation is unique, and sometimes it can be difficult to know if a custom hair system is the right solution for you.

When making the big decision to wear hair, there are lots of things you need to consider. Your level of hair loss, your experience, and even your mental outlook will impact your final decision. We want you to be successful with your hair replacement, so we strive to provide open, honest, and transparent information, so you can be fully prepared. The following can help you decide if you should consider wearing hair.

You have permanent hair loss

If you know your hair loss is permanent, whether because of genetics or a medical condition such as alopecia, a custom hair system will likely work for you. For some people, hair systems can increase the pace of hair loss, so you need to know your hair will not be growing back before you proceed.

You have the time and money to invest

Hair replacement, especially bonded hair replacement, is a long-term commitment. Bonding a system requires shaving your head. Growing your hair back after shaving it is challenging. You’ll need to set aside a few hours every week or two to complete maintenance procedures. In addition, your budget needs to include the cost of hair systems and maintenance products for as long as you plan to wear a system. Other options, such as daily-wear systems and traditional wigs, can reduce both time and financial burdens.

You're willing to learn

The first three months to a year can require a rigorous trial and error process. Not being afraid to experiment and ask questions, and having a lot of patience as you work through the initial processes, will greatly improve your experience. Our goal is to give you the tools and education you need to be self-sufficient. Our hair replacement consultants are always available for any questions you have, but you have to be willing to learn.

You're flexible and adaptable

Your hair replacement needs continuously evolve. Your coverage area may expand over time, it’s possible your density or base material will need to be changed, or you may need to add gray hair as you age. Attachment methods may need to change as your hormones create more or less scalp oils over time. Flexibility is essential for a positive and low-stress experience as your body changes and you age with your hair system.

Who a hair system is not for

You have temporary hair loss

Some circumstances, such as chemotherapy, pregnancy, overstyling, or medication use, can cause temporary hair loss. Normal hair growth cycles take many months to complete, so you may not see hair loss from a stressor until six months after the stressful event has ended, and you may not see regrowth for six months after that. We don’t recommend bonding a hair system if you expect your hair to return to its original fullness (or if you’re not sure), as it can permanently stunt hair regrowth. If you need a temporary hair replacement solution right away, a ready-to-wear “stock” system or wig may be a more appropriate alternative. 

You aren't ready to take the necessary steps

If you have an adequate amount of growing hair, you have the option of wearing a clip-on system — a system that is partially clipped on and partially bonded. However, most circumstances require you to shave the area under the hair system in order to achieve the most comfortable, natural-looking outcome. Shaving provides a smooth bonding surface for an optimal bond. Unfortunately, without shaving, your growing hair will likely push the system up, causing discomfort, a poor fit, and an unnatural appearance. We understand that shaving your head is a big step you may not be ready for, and that’s okay. You can start with clipping on a system and transition to bonding later if you choose, after you’ve had some time to adapt to a hair system.

You are not experiencing hair loss

It’s difficult to find a hair system that fits properly if you just have naturally fine or thin hair, but not actual hair loss. If you have a normal amount of growing hair, you’ll need to shave your head frequently, because the quantity of hair regrowth will cause the bond to break down quickly. It will cause extreme itching, irritation, and discomfort. Finally, wearing a hair system (whether bonded or clip-on) on a regular basis can cause permanent hair loss. Because of this, we do not recommend using any kind of hair system if you do not have hair loss.

You have a permanent or recurring skin condition

If you have psoriasis of the scalp or another skin condition that causes the skin to become irritated and break open, the cleaning and bonding products you’ll need for a bonded system will likely inflame and exacerbate your skin condition. In addition, if the skin on your scalp is flakes or weeps excessively, the system won't adhere.

You don't have the time or patience

As a beginner, it will take several months for you to acclimate to the hair replacement process. The first few times may go quite slowly, but speed will come with experience. Still, hair system maintenance requires time and patience. If you don’t have the extra time to devote to your hair, or the budget to commit to the cost of hair replacement systems and the products required to maintain them over the long term, it can be very stressful.

Please consider the above information carefully before moving forward. We are happy to discuss the pros and cons with you to help you make the best decision for yourself. If you are ready to get the process started, please begin with talk to one of our hair consultants via either online chat or email or WhatsApp.