Matching Your Growing Hair Color

If you color your growing hair, you’re likely to experience color discrepancy between your hair and the hair system at some point. Here are the most common reasons why:

When you color your hair, a new layer of pigment is deposited onto the existing layers, creating a different shade (typically darker). So, each time you color your hair, it appears a bit different or darker than the last time, and will never match the sample you sent or the color you chose from the color ring.

Many people choose the color of their hair system immediately after they color their hair. By the time you receive your hair system, your growing hair has already oxidized and changed color, or you may have colored it again, and the two colors don’t match. Your colored hair and hair system oxidize at different speeds, causing further discrepancies over the life of the hair system.

How to manage your changing hair color

Here are some options to help you manage color discrepancy.
When coloring longer hair, focus on recoloring the roots, but avoid applying color to the ends of your hair. If the ends have faded and need to be recolored, only apply color during the last few minutes. You shouldn’t need to color the ends every time you color your roots.

Consider using a color-depositing shampoo or conditioner for the ends, so you only need to apply color to new hair growth.
Another way to manage color mismatch is to prevent or slow color fading and oxidation. Shampoo your hair less frequently and avoid hot water when you wash. It will also help if you use shampoo, conditioner, and styling products that give UV protection.

Lastly, when matching your growing hair to the color ring or sending us a hair sample to match to your system’s hair color, collect your hair sample a week or two after coloring your hair. This should help us match the system to a less fresh color, which is more likely to match more closely.

If you’re struggling with color mismatch between your growing hair and your hair system, call your hair replacement consultant to discuss your options.