Removing Tape from Your Hair System Base

Removing tape from your hair system’s base is not a difficult process, but it does involve a specific approach. It is necessary to follow the instructions in this guide to safeguard your system from damage.

We recommend the use of Lace Release (or 91% isopropyl alcohol) to remove tape from your base. If you try to pull tape off a lace base without Lace Release, you will likely pull hair through the base along with it. Unfortunately, once this happens, there is no way to pull the hairs back through to the correct side, and they will need to be cut off. If you have a system with a poly edge or skin base, be careful not to force the tape off, as it may cause your base to tear.


  • Lace Release
  • Infant Nasal Aspirator, Ear Syringe or Oral Syringe
  • Your hair system, with old tape still applied to it

Step 1: Prepare for tape removal

To begin, fill your clean aspirator or syringe with Lace Release.

Step 2: Deliver the Lace Release

Grab the edge of the system with your thumb and index finger. Place the tip of the aspirator along the inside or outside edge of the tape, where the tape meets the base. Choose the edge that’s easiest for you, and begin dispensing the Lace Release so it flows under the tape. You should see the Lace Release collect under the tape. Don’t worry if a little bit of the product drips into the hair

Continue to deliver Lace Release all the way around the perimeter of the base, or anywhere you have tape. Once you’ve covered all the taped areas, check for any spots you missed, and apply more Lace Release as needed.

Step 3: Begin lifting the tape

Wait a minute or two for the Lace Release to penetrate and release the bond. Don’t wait any longer, or the Lace Release will evaporate. If this happens, repeat Step 2 and apply Lace Release to all of the taped areas again.

Find a loose edge of the tape, and use your fingernail (or tweezers) to lift it.

Step 4: Remove the tape

Very carefully continue to lift all the tape off the base. Don’t force it, or you may pull hair through from the other side.

You may spray additional Lace Release to stubborn areas as you lift the tape away.

Red liner tape can be difficult to remove from a poly edge or skin base. If you have trouble, try using tweezers to separate and remove the tape from the poly edge. You may have to firmly grasp the poly edge with your free hand to have enough force to remove the tape. It’s a bit disconcerting at first, but once you lift the edge up, it will peel away quickly and cleanly.

Step 5: Allow base to dry

Allow the Lace Release to evaporate until the base is dry. Follow up with a full base cleaning.