Repairing Your Lace Hairpiece Base

During normal wear and tear, or in the case of a bump on the head, it’s possible for the delicate base of your lace hair system to acquire a tear or hole. This guide will instruct you on the proper way to repair a minor tear or hole in your lace base using bonding tape and 3M Transpore Tape. Please be aware that a repair is a temporary solution, and only feasible for small holes or tears. Be sure to order a new hair system as soon as you can, and use your backup hair system in the interim, if the hole does not lend itself to repeated patching.

• Styrofoam head with T-pins and mount
• A piece of extended-wear hair system bonding tape
• 3M Transpore Tape
• Acetone
• A paper towel
• Knot sealer
• Scissors

Before you begin
The method detailed in this guide is recommended for repairing tears in lace bases. Clean your base following the usual procedure, and allow it to dry completely. Then proceed with the steps below.

Step 1: Secure and prepare your hair system
With the underside of the base facing up, pin your system to a Styrofoam head. Using your hands, smooth and flatten the tear area to the best of your ability.
Clean the tear area with acetone and a paper towel.
Spray a layer of knot sealer on the tear area to strengthen the lace and allow it to dry for about five minutes before proceeding.
If the hair is likely to get in the way of the repair area, tape it down to the head with transpore tape.

Step 2: Cut and apply the bonding tape
Cut a piece of bonding tape slightly larger than the tear.
Remove the paper backing and place tape over the tear. Press the tape firmly into the lace and remove the remaining paper backing.

Step 3: Cut and apply the 3M Transpore Tape
Next, cut a piece of 3M Transpore Tape the exact same size as the bonding tape patch. Place the cut piece of 3M Transpore Tape on top of the bonding tape and press it into place.*When it’s time for a new attachment, you will need to remove the tape patch before you clean your base, and apply a new patch after the base has been cleaned.*

Step 4: Attach your hair system
If the patch is in an area where you normally apply adhesive, you can apply bonding tape right over it.

Repairing Your Lace Base