Go Gray!

Hey, It’s Ok To Go A Little Gray or Even a Lot.

So, you’re looking at hair systems and notice that the coloring is dark and perfect like your real hair was 25 years ago. You think to yourself, “Won’t it look odd if I get a jet-black or other dark colored system, when I have salt and pepper sideburns?

Good News!

Rehair offers the option of integrating gray hair into your system!

Now you can choose the amount of gray hair that will best match your natural color.

More Good News…

The gray hair can be added in increments starting at 10%.

Even MORE Good News… (We know, hard to believe all of this good news, right?)

When you select your desired base style, you will then choose the hair color that you want. Some stock styles offer gray hair already integrated. This means no extra wait time to get your hair system. 

In addition to standard color numbers like #1, #2, etc., if a system is available with the gray mixed in, you will also see numbers like, #110, #210, #220, #240, etc... In this example, the first number refers to the standard hair color. The additional two numbers reference the percentage of gray that is integrated into the system. Gray hair is randomly distributed throughout the entire system. Surpassing a level of gray past 40% is not advised. If you need more, you may want to consult with customer service at Rehair for their advice on the best selection. 

Why don’t you want to go more than 40% you ask? 

Rehair systems are made from high quality human hair in the standard colors, meaning those with no gray added. When gray hair is incorporated into the system it is done so using “synthetic” hair. This material is better in lower concentrations because of its heat limitations. If you are someone that uses a hair dryer or any other heat generating device to style your system, synthetic hair will restrict the amount of heat that you can use. If too high of a heat is used, the synthetic material could be negatively affected. 

Worry not those who want more than 40% gray in their systems. 

Rehair offers human hair in gray via the custom system program. In this instance, not only can you go with a higher percentage of gray, but you can also be more specific as to the placement of the gray. Want more gray at the temples and less everywhere else? No problem. You pick the percentage of gray and its placement in the system.

So, there you have it, yet another offering from Rehair to help you get the best looking hair system that most closely matches your natural hair coloring. More tips are coming soon, so stay tuned. 

Be well and stay safe!




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