Hair Systems and Customer Service

In this industry, you can never have a 100% perfect product but a 100% satisfaction service is what we are aiming for.

Your hair system arrives, and it’s just in the knick of time. Your current one is on its last leg. You know better than to not have your next system on hand before the current one expires. As we all know, life happens and sometimes we just don’t get everything done on schedule. So, you unbox the new system and it’s the wrong color, base, density or size than you thought you’d ordered. What now?

Well, if you have a quality customer service team like the one at ReHair, you can rest assured that your issue will be addressed promptly and thoroughly. Offering quick response times and workable solutions, you will be kept up to date on your resolution to completion. As the customer, you will have to do a few things in the pursuit of that fully successful resolution. Don’t wash the system until you’ve contacted customer service and relayed your concerns. Sometimes, something that is thought to be a flaw is corrected by simply washing and conditioning the system. Don’t cut, dye, perm or alter the system in any manner. The system must remain in its untouched state. Depending on the issue, you may be asked to return the system. If for instance you changed your mind on the base type, you’d be required to pay for return shipping. That however is a small price to pay for getting a second chance to have the hair system that you really want. Factory defects while not common, are investigated and addressed accordingly. Different arrangements can come into play in this resolution process.

With ReHair, you have that level of confidence that every effort will be made ensure you are satisfied with your system. Let’s face it, the product is readily available, from various vendors. It’s how you’re treated as a customer that adds that extra incentive to become a long term returning customer.

Wear hair in confidence…Wear ReHair!

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Catherine Hembry

Catherine Hembry

June 08, 2023

My husband was a HD client for 15 years. We are feeling a bit desperate to find a replacement company. We live in the UK, is it possible to ship to London? Many thanks

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