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HairDirect Shutting Down.

hairdirect shut down

The news of HairDirect’s closure shocked everyone in the hair system industry. It’s shocking for us to find that a brand you are familiar with has shut down forever.

HairDirect is one of our major competitors and it was always a company we had to closely follow to ensure that we were meeting industry standards like it. We understand that this tragedy was a company-specific issue and the pandemic made their issue a lot worse, just like what happened to other companies in different industries.

We understand old clients of HairDirect are panicking and upset and we know they’re on the hunt to look for a company who can deliver for a very long time. We have received many calls from their former customers, some haven’t had their hair system for over a year, they’ve lost their money and they’re looking for a company that can really help them out. Here at ReHair System we are offering discounts and rush deliveries for hairdirect customers. If you’re a former hair direct customer we are so sorry for the loss and frustration that you are experiencing and we hope that you know you can reach out to our agents to help you out with any of your hair system needs.

We are also glad to announce that here at ReHair System we are back to pre-pandemic inventory levels and our custom-made orders are coming back twice as fast as they were during the pandemic.

We genuinely believe that we can accommodate a lot of what you’re missing right now and we know for a fact that we can be a tremendous solution to your current problem.

2 Responses

Dave Lukas

Dave Lukas

April 19, 2022

I was a HD customer for 24 years. I would like to know if you would be interested in taking me on as a customer. I was receiving a new unit every month. Do you have any programs similar to this? Or possibly a different method. I could send you a unit of mine to possibly copy. Looking forward to working together. Thank you

Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller

April 19, 2022

waiting for reply from Rehair ,former client of HD need a duplicate soon

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