Main Factors that Affect the Cost of Hair Systems

Hair systems are pricey. This is a fact that is increasingly becoming more apparent, especially during economic downturns. Despite the higher prices that hair system users are paying, there are still many individuals that question whether these high costs are justified. These people may ask “Why do hair systems cost so much?” and “What factors affect hair system costs?” Below we will explore some of the most common factors affecting hair systems costs and what you can do to lower your expenses if your budget is tight.

The cost can vary depending on the complexity of the hair system.

This is a question that potential clients ask frequently, and for good reason. The cost of a hair system can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the hair replacement system. In this article, we'll go over the 5 different factors that determine the price of a hair piece, base material, hair type, size, density, color and length.

Base Material

The base material of a hair system is the base or foundation that you can’t see. The three types of bases are polyurethane(PU), mono, and lace. The type of base material is one of the most important decisions in your hair replacement choice because it determines how natural the hair looks and how easy it is to wear and care for the system. It also affects hair system cost, so you will need to carefully consider what your needs and budget are:

Mono Base Hair Systems

Mono top bases are made with sheer, durable fabric, called mono-filament, which allows individual hairs to be tied into tiny knots. This creates the illusion that the hairs are growing directly from your scalp. The knots are then covered with a layer of polyurethane (PU) adhesive film or tape for extra durability.

Mono hair systems are durable and easy to wear but can be detected by an experienced eye because they often lack flexibility around the perimeter. They work best for men or women who have partial or total loss at the crown area and/or top of their head because they provide good coverage without looking too bulky.

Skin Hair Systems(PU)

PU(polyurethane) is the most common used base material for making hair system, which is a kind of plastic and can be very thin and light. Polyurethane is thin and flexible, which makes it very comfortable to wear. It gives a natural look and is easy to maintain. Its durability depends on the quality of its manufacturing, but if taken care of properly, it can last up to 3-6 months.

Lace Base Hair Systems

A custom lace hair system is made with French or Swiss lace which has small holes. It's totally transparent. You can see the scalp through it. Also it's very soft, thin and durable. It's very easy to attach and remove with tape or glue. It looks completely natural. But it's very expensive because if you want to make a hair system with lace base, you need to tie one by one knot on the lace base which is very time consuming and labor intensive work. Lace systems are all natural materials which are more durable than PU. The average life time of this kind of bases is 3-6 months.

Hair Type

In the hair system industry, there are mainly three types of hair.

Indian hair belongs to the most common type of hair for manufacturing all kinds of hair systems, such as toupee, wigs and full lace wigs. It is characterized by its darkness and smoothness. Indian hair is also relatively thick, which makes it a bit heavy.

Chinese hair has many similarities with Indian hair. However, Chinese hair is a bit thinner than Indian one, so it tends to be more lightweight. Besides, it has a bit shinier surface compared with Indian hair. Many manufacturers prefer to mix Chinese and Indian hairs to get the characteristics of both two types at an affordable cost.

European hair is the rarest type of all because there are fewer people have European hair than other ethnic groups in the world. European hairs are easy to be curled or straightened because of their fine texture. When wearing a European hair system, you will not feel like putting on a wig because it looks so natural as your own scalp.


Hair base size is one of the factors that affect hair system cost. Bigger hair base means more hair, bigger size and more work. That’s why a big size of hair system will cost more than a smaller size. If you like to have a bigger hair system, then you should be prepared to pay extra money for it.

If your budget is tight, then you can consider to order a small size hair system which can be very cheap. A small size of hair system is usually less than 6 inches by 8 inches. It can cover only the bald area and cannot cover the whole head of yours.

You may wonder what is the biggest size of hair system? We have customers who asked for a huge hair system over 15 inches by 20 inches. However, we don’t recommend you to order such a big size of hair system because it will look obviously fake and unnatural on your head unless you want people know that you wear a toupee!

The normal sizes of our stock toupees are 6 inches by 8 inches, 7 inches by 9 inches and 8 inches by 10 inches. If you need to customize bigger sizes, then please contact us for the price quote.


The hair density you choose for your custom-made hair system will affect its price. We talk about the density of the hair on a scale from light to medium to heavy.

For example, if you choose a light density, the price will be lower than a medium or heavy density. The reason is simple: your hair replacement system will contain less hair.

Light density is recommended for people with thinning hair and is not suitable for someone with no hair at all.

Medium density is considered the most natural look and is the most popular choice among our customers.

Heavy density is used by customers who want their new hair to be thicker than their original hair before they had thinning or loss problems. Heavy density usually looks too thick in men's hairstyles, but it's ok for women's hairstyles because women tend to have naturally very thick and full hair.


Hair color plays a big role in hair replacement system cost for two reasons: 1) the amount of hair that will be involved in production and 2) the amount of time it will take to complete. As you’ll see, these two factors combine to create a significant impact on cost overall.

Custom hair systems can be manufactured from any available human hair color or a combination of colors. The general rule is that the darker the hair color, the more affordable the hair replacement system will be. That’s because there are more sources for dark colored hair than light colored hair, which makes it easier to acquire, and thereby less expensive.

For many applicants, cost is a major consideration when deciding whether to go ahead with a new custom system. And while it is true that costs can vary widely, depending on numerous factors, understanding how and why they do so will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to move forward with your system purchase.


Hair length plays an important role in determining hair system cost.

Hair length is a big part of the cost of your hair system. The longer and thicker the hair, the more it will cost. Especially if you have a lot of curly or wavy hair, because it will take a lot more time to process (clean and sterilize) than straight hair.

Short hair systems are also cheaper, because they need less work. They generally cost around $100-$150.

Medium-length hair systems are also cheaper than long hair systems, but they still need some work to make them look natural. A medium-length hair system will cost around $150-$300.

Longer hair systems are more expensive, because they take more time to apply and look natural. Longer hair systems can range from $300-$600.

If you want to find out how much your new hair system will cost, just give us a call or contact us on our website.

Wave or Curl Pattern

The wave and curl pattern affect the strength and flexibility of the hair replacement system. Hair replacement systems have been very popular in recent years because of its natural appearance, but this is something that individuals should consider before making a final decision.

The wave and curl pattern of hair replacement systems are not as important as some people think. Some people make decisions based on these patterns without knowing the truth behind the matter. The wave and curl pattern of hair replacement systems are only meant to help in the placement of the system. It's not as important as other factors, such as the cost and how easy it will be to use.

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